Hi, I'm Martin

Martin Splitt

I am a developer advocate atGoogle and love solving problems.

Besides writing code and contributing to open source projects I also give talks and workshops and write articles and blog.

You can reach me via Twitter, my direct messages are open.

On this website you can find a bunch of stuff I made and references to articles I wrote as well as slides and videos of the talks I gave in the past and a list of upcoming talks.



I love tinkering with strange, useless ideas and technology.

I build experiments with all sorts of things, for instance the 3D terrain data of Z├╝rich.

The list of experiments keeps growing...



I enjoy sharing knowledge and meeting different communities.

I think communities are a crucial component of making better software for all humans and sharing knowledge is a corner stone to building strong, efficient communities.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please read the information I put together for organisers and get in touch!

You find a list of upcoming and past talks here.


I enjoy writing as a way to spread knowledge, discussing matters in more than 140 characters and keeping a reference to things I've learnt.

I infrequently post on my blog and write articles for various formats, including online and print.

You can find my articles and posts here.